About Us

About Us

NeuroLogic, LLC is the intraoperative monitoring leader serving clients nationwide.  By providing critical real-time information about the patient’s neurophysiological status during surgery, we help physicians, hospitals and surgical facilities optimize outcomes and minimize risks.  Our superior skill, proficiency, technology, and reliability yield a safer surgical environment and heightened patient assurance.  The result is full confidence, every procedure.

NeuroLogic, LLC’s superior service, expert professional staff and commitment to excellence have made it a leader in the field of Intraoperative Monitoring.

Highly trained and certified neurologic technicians will be in the operating room with your surgeon, monitoring your central and peripheral nervous system and communicating with your surgical team about any potential damage to the nervous system.

NeuroLogic, LLC’s physician experts will be reviewing test results throughout your surgery.  The real-time feedback they communicate through our onsite technician will help your surgeon keep you safer during the procedure.

To find out more about us and the services we offer, call us at (877) 446-4945 or visit our contact page.

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